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For those of you whom are seeking advice or assistance for loan modifications, short sales, foreclosure defense, or lender abuse, please read the following before reading any further...


Message to all Government Agencies from the Author… No we are not a terrorist organization bent on World Domination. Patriot Act nonsense will not be tolerated here, been there done that with your FBI already in their little white vans six years ago when I was suspected of being Broker for a major criminal organization. That was nothing more than a waste of taxpayer’s money for the privilege of staking out a home when I was no longer living there for crimes that I had nothing to do with. Yes, I knew about that...

What is within the pages of this soon to be best selling book, is the Truth. There is no need to set accusations, scream terrorist activity, or consider the American Peoples reaction as a release of “Lone Wolves” on the Banking industry. I am pretty sure they have no interest in blowing up the banks (as much as they might like to), nor am I promoting violence to resolve these Truths in any way in this book. What the American Public will read, it is simply what has been done to them. They have a right to know and you have a duty to them to bring the scales of justice back in line for them. Their voices will be heard!

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If you are tired of getting the run around and want straight honest answers. Here you go. Understand that this is our opinion, and we are not attorneys, the information we are providing is to help you make an informed decision to your specific situation, and we have been on the front line for years, we know what we are talking about.

There are only five ways to postpone a Trustee Sale, Redeem The Mortgage…

File A Temporary Restraining Order
Apply For A Loan Modification
Attempt To Do A Short Sale
File For Bankruptcy

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What the lenders do not want you to know.
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I just need more time to get back on my feet what do I do?
I am in foreclosure now, what do I do?
Other Options
Should I file Bankruptcy?
I am upside down on my mortgage what can I do?
Can my friends or family buy my home at a discount so I can stay there?
Should I short sale my home?

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