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For those of you whom are seeking advice or assistance for loan modifications, short sales, foreclosure defense, or lender abuse, please read the following GOVERNMENT IMPOSED DISCLOSURES before proceeding to...


Message to all Government Agencies from the Author… No we are not a terrorist organization bent on World Domination. Patriot Act nonsense will not be tolerated here, been there done that with your FBI already in their little white vans six years ago when I was suspected of being Broker for a major criminal organization. That was nothing more than a waste of taxpayer’s money for the privilege of staking out a home when I was no longer living there for crimes that I had nothing to do with. Yes, I knew about that...

NO we are not racists, as there no such thing as an “Aryan Nation” with the amount of generations of mingling as the heart will always want what the heart wants. Personally it would make our lives better if everyone realized we all have the same color blood. We could honestly care less what the color of your skin, race, nationality, religious beliefs, or personal hygiene, as it is your RIGHT to believe what every you wish to believe. You have the right to enjoy whatever liberties you see fit and pursue whatever makes
YOU happy. This is your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, and that is what is at stake here.

ARE against Fruadster’s who are hell bent on the MULTIFURCATION of NATION’s, their associate, affiliates and their criminal connections who are trying to take away our CONSTITUTIONAL rights. Our message to these criminal masterminds... There is a storm coming your way driven through FAITH. Faith is the ONLY thing that transcends through religions,wars, governments, nations, people, and yea even Atheists (if nothing else, they have faith in their convictions). Standing up for what you believe in takes FAITH. Faith is Unity, and through FAITH all things are possible.

What is within the pages of this soon book, is the Truth. There is no need to set accusations, scream terrorist activity, or consider the members of “we the People” reaction as a release of “Lone Wolves” on the Banking industry or on “Government agencies”. I am pretty sure they have no interest in blowing up the banks (as much as they might like to), nor am I promoting violence to resolve these Truths in any way in this book. What the proud members of “We the People” will read, it is simply what has been done to them. They have a right to know and you have a duty to them to bring the scales of justice back in line for them. Their voices will be heard!

For the record, Faith drinks coffee and coffee came before tea. There are plenty of things in here to protest by whomever wishes to do so without having a label attached to them. If you must a classify this, then say hello to the new resistance.

The following disclosure are being added to this site for the protection of the Author to allow her to continue her fight against LENDER and GOVERNMENT ABUSE.

Yes, these are imposed GOVERNMENT DISCLOSURES and they are required on EVERYTHING. Being the victim of both home and work invasions for the research I have uncovered, there is much the American Public need to know that is being hidden from them. Even more that, the truth the Government agencies are hiding from each other. I will use these disclosures for my protection, but on my terms with my own disclosures added.

1) The Author is NOT associated with the Government or your Lender. She is however currently working with criminal investigators with the FDIC to expose the truth, and did volunteer with the IRS and FBI to help assist their investigation of lending fraud in the Inland Empire.

2) The Author is NOT an Attorney, she did however learn the equivalent of three years of law in five months so she could understand what the attorneys were up against. She will give you her understanding and interpretation, this is not to be misunderstood as legal advice as the Attorneys Generals believe that anyone other than an Attorney giving advice could be given faulty advice with the intent of taking advantage of homeowners for illicit gain.

3) This is an aid to help you with the attorneys you interview. There are many attorneys and agencies whom the Author has had to convey understanding to, and many more who will charge you for the privilege of learning what is being conveyed on this site.

4) Should you retain an Attorney, you must understand their function. The courts cannot modify your loans, and there is a protocol to follow depending on if you are within a Judicial or Non-Judicial State. This will be explained within the book, it is important to know when you can sue and for what.

5) The Author is NOT a NON-Profit. She was denied this. The Author has been a Home Save Advocate at her own expense over the last several years, she can no longer keep doing this. The demand is too great and the push by the banks to hide the truth of these loans through wrongful foreclosures continue. This book is designed to help educate you to what your rights are, and to teach you how and where to fight back. The knowledge within it far exceeds any price placed upon it.

6) The Author makes no claims or representation that any programs references or services mentioned or listed within this site are approved by the Government or your Lender. This includes Government sponsored programs.

7) Even if you utilize this information or inquire about the Author's knowledge for donation or direct compensation, the "Lender" may not agree to change your loan. The book that the Author wrote is an investment in yourself, it is the ultimate foreclosure defense book of its time as a side effect of the truth within these pages.


9) Even though The Author is NOT a loan modification agency, should you follow the advice enclosed and move forward in your own self defense, it could result in the loss of your home if you stop making your payments, or the bank may arbitrarily decide to transferred a modified loan in good standing to another bank who does not honor your modified agreement in which case you could have already lost your home just by agreeing to the terms of a modification with your bank already.

10) The writings in this book and on this site, is geared specifically towards HOME SAVE ADVOCACY, SELF HELP and SELF AWARENESS. Once you have understanding the bullets will fall to the ground at your feet.

11) If you accept or reject any offer from your bank YOU may stop "doing business" with The Author at any time (again, just close your eyes, I'm in the business of uncovering the truth. If you wish to hide under the covers go pop the little blue pill, after all ignorance is bliss you might as well enjoy).

12) This book is intended to bring your attention to a deeper threat. The words in the title were carefully chosen as to not be accusatory to anyone or anything. Because The Author is naming the actual names of banking corporations, she could not risk implying a direct correlation to anyone or anything without risking being sued for libel.

13) It is interesting to note, however, that the Author can call lenders colorful swear words and be ok as the court holds the old proverb "sticks and stones" as unenforceable in a legal arena. In the interest of maintaining peace she will leave that up to the reader. The Author encourages you to be as rude and vulgar as possible (non violently of course) when the mood strikes as it is a form of stress release. Yes the Author has stones, she is just saving them for the real Goliath.

14) The Author is FOREMOST a HOME SAVE ADVOCATE for the protection of the CONSUMER and an ADVOCATE FOR WORLD PEACE. The Government's idea of consumer protection includes the philosophy that the banking industry is too big to fail, therefore they will most likely NOT be brought up on charges for what they have done to the American People. (Insert your *special* words here___________________.)

15) If you are paying for the book on the landing page of this site, it is for your own edification. The Author must retain plausible deniability that this is book either "fiction" or "non-fiction". It most likely is "pulp fiction" since this is the age of the internet and virtual paper costs nothing, plus what has taken place is reminiscent of the 1930's Great Depression and criminal era. If it is in print, breathe in the text deeply and decide for yourself what it smells like. The truth is out there, you just have to look, go verify it for your selves. The Freedom of Information Act give YOU this right. These same disclosures are within the book written by the Author.

16) This book is based upon TRUE stories and CURRENT historical events, The Author is giving you her professional opinions based upon her experience as a past Lending Industry Broker, and her exposure to Federal Agencies both voluntarily and forcibly at gun point. She will not hold back. This would be the 1st Amendment that gives her that right.

17) AT NO TIME DOES The Author EVER STATE THE FOLLOWING. "If you are current on your mortgage stop making payments" . That comes from your bank when they state "We can not help you unless you are in default" IF you stop making your payments you could lose your home. (Not that they actually HAVE the right to your home at this point)

18) Finally if you agree with the Author, you are encouraged to please use your keyboards as paddle boards. Use these words in your subject line "I REMEMBER WHO I AM AND WHAT I STAND FOR" and tell them Exactly what that is. Let them know that you have read this book and are fully aware of what went down. We need to protect our 5th Amendment rights of "Life, Liberty or PROPERTY" since our 4th Amendment rights are being ignored in many courts across this Nation.


These disclosures are being placed within this book and on this site due to a government agency who SHUT DOWN A FRONT LINE OF DEFENSE to the consumer by mis use of Government Authority via Sheriff's force. What was shut down, was a fraud investigation business trying to assist troubled homeowners fight back after banks denied loan modifications, denied modification options, and worse, banks who sold off loans with approved modifications to other banks who started to foreclose without recourse. Later deemed in court "Much ado about nothing". Enter at you own risk...